We offer multiple services

The Therapies we offer

Treatment - The unique Anasa Iasis technique

The unique, gentle and guaranteed effective alternative method of the Anasa Iasis treatment is based on a specific combination of the following ten techniques, which have been highly developed for millennia:
•Ancient Energy Therapy
•Hippocratic Massage
•Neuromuscular Massage
•Myofascial Release
•Swedish/Athletic Massage
•Deep Tissue Massage
•Trigger Points
•Shiatsu and
Therapist Emmanouil Soultatos has developed a perfect mix of these techniques which he tailors to your needs. The treatment focuses on the cause of each problem and the whole system which it is associated with.
The carefully applied pressure positively stimulates the physiology of human energy and the neuromuscular system. In addition, it strengthens the function of the lymphatic system and stimulates detoxification.
During the treatment, acute malpositions become corrected and the channels of the entire system are opened so that positive energy can flow freely throughout all the bodily regions. Pain becomes relieved and disappears.
Immersed in the relaxing fragrances of essential oils and soothing sounds, you embark on a dreamlike journey into wellness, which aims at its highest target: “Homeostasis” - the balance between body, mind, and soul.

Mobile service and spectacular places

Anasa Iasis offers a mobile service to spare you from stress. Unless you prefer your apartment, villa, hotel, or wherever you are, we will select a place near you that offers the perfect conditions, such as a beautiful and peaceful location by the sea, in the olive groves or in the mountains. Contact us and together we will choose the perfect place for your Anasa Iasis healing treatment. The travel costs are added to the price of the treatment at 0,30 € per km. (Μinimum price for moving to a location away from our premises is 20 €)

The anasa Iasis Lifestyle

It is not easy to live health-consciously. It never has been. Before we, humans, discovered which things were good for us and which weren’t, we had had unpleasant and sometimes painful experiences that taught us through trial and error. Today - although we have access to much more knowledge, we often ignore it. Our lives in the modern world have become so hectic and demanding that we frequently neglect our self-care. Instead of maintaining our health and offering our body and soul what they need, we allow ourselves to become run-down and then pay specialists to repair the harm that we have done. We have delegated the responsibility for our damaged mental and physical health to others. Of course, in many cases, it is absolutely necessary to visit a doctor or the hospital. But health starts much earlier. Follow us and learn how the Anasa Iasis Lifestyle can help you take responsibility for the healthiest and happiest life possible.