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As humans, we naturally want the best for ourselves and those we love.

Unfortunately, we often sacrifice our own wellbeing to provide for others. 

While you may think you’re getting more done or saving money by putting self-care on the back-burner, you are only putting it on hold to pay a higher price later. 

Two of the most common things we sacrifice are our relationships with our bodies and our spouses. 

For example, we may feel chronic tightness and aches in various parts of our body but instead of addressing them immediately, we say to ourselves, “I’ll do it next week.” 

Medical research has confirmed that stress and anxiety play a critical role in chronic ailments. Since we cannot remove stress from our lives, we must learn how to properly manage it to avoid mental or physical burnout. This is why integrating self-care into your schedule is vital to a healthy lifestyle. 

Our services are designed to give you the attention you need.

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“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it” Hippocrates

Rehabilitation Energetic Massage

Anasa Iasis offers you the opportunity to rehabilitate your body, soul and spirit at the wonderful island of Crete in Greece. You can combine your holiday with our “one of a kind” recovery method. 

 Anasa Iasis is a unique method that clears all blockages, relieves pain, releases the energy flow and ignites the self-healing powers.

Anasa Iasis is much more than a simple massage. This particular and alternative healing method reestablishes your positive energy and feeling of well-being.

The effect will be long term and Anasa Iasis can put you on the path to a healthier and happier life.

In addition to offering on-site treatment, Anasa Iasis comes to you with our mobile service or takes you to breathtaking and relaxing locations that will enhance your healing experience.


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We have been practicing Anasa Iasis healing method for the past 7 years and we can proudly say that we have helped hundreds of people overcome their chronic pains and live their lives to the fullest.

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        Anasa Iasis is a unique mixture of ancient healing techniques which, being combined with the healer’s energy and his knowledge of human anatomy, can relieve you from various types of pain aligning your musculoskeletal system and stabilizing your energy flow.

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Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine

College of Humanities and Alternative Therapy

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home visit

  There is no need to endure the stress of traffic to come to our premises. Let us come to you and help you relax and enjoy the Anasa Iasis therapeutic massage at the convenience of your own home or another location of your choosing.

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